Great Teamwork In Group 1

This week has been a busy one in Group 1.  Everyone has worked really well together and team work has been the motto of the week.

In Maths we explored algorithms and coding. We remembered what we had learnt last half term in imperative verbs, points of a compass and geometry and we were able to programme using directional language. We started with a game of ‘Simon says’ as a whole class, and then partnered up to guide each other to a set target. Then, we transferred these skills to an electronic mouse and track.

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 In Science our topic was  flight. We experimented with different types of paper craft, testing how far they travelled when thrown and which design was the most resilient. We had a quick challenge as a group naming things that flew. The total we got to was 27.

 Friday, it was Red Nose Day and Group 1 decided they wanted to raise some funds for ‘Stand Up To Cancer’. Staff were pleased we had chosen to do something ourselves.  Everyone worked hard preparing buns for sale and resources for hand massages. It was a great afternoon and we raised over £30.

It has been a good week and everyone showed great teamwork skills!

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ArtistS in the Making

To mark the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, Leeds Art Gallery are displaying a selection of the Renaissance master's greatest drawings. We couldn’t let an opportunity to see some of his work first hand pass us by so this week we visited the gallery to look at this exhibition and other pieces of art. We were amazed by the detail and how fine some of his work was. We were particularly interested in the story of how his work, a life size clay sculpture of a horse, was destroyed in front of him and how that must have made him feel. We were also interested to see that he wrote right to left to help him keep his notes secret. This is called mirror writing.

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In citizenship we compared the First Past the Post and Proportional Representation electoral systems. We looked at some of the advantages and disadvantages of each system. We looked at different countries around the world and the differences in how they are governed.  By the end of the week we could make comparisons between the UK system of democratic parliamentary government and some other systems in other parts of the world.

We have continued to work hard on our core subjects. In maths was are using trigonometry to calculate missing angles or sides in right angled triangles. In English Literature we are looking at The History Boys and in science we are finishing our physics unit on electricity and circuits.

Busy Times on the Farm

It's been a busy start to the year on the farm, we are leaving winter behind us and getting ready for spring. We have been building fenced raised beds for this years growing, which will hopefully stop the goats nibbling at our crops when they are out and about playing around the farm. A cold frame has been built in the greenhouse for our tomato seedlings to grow and the grape vine has been pruned, we should have our first proper crop this year !


Our animals are enjoying the warmer temperatures and the chickens have begun laying their eggs again. We welcomed our newest addition to the farm family, Daphne the Duprasi (fat tailed gerbil) and she has gone down well with both staff and students.

Joey the cat had a 2 day adventure up a tree before doing his best pigeon impression and making a leap of faith, thankfully he was a very lucky cat and survived unscathed!

Of course we couldn't ignore pancake day and we did it the best way we know how, over an open fire in the fresh air. The farm is almost into the growing season and we're all looking forward to the next few months, bring on the sunshine.


What's been Happening in Group 7


Since Christmas, Group 7 have been working hard on a range of new topics in both English and maths. They have been developing their analysis of a range of poems from the ‘power and conflict’ cluster and tackling fractions in advance of their upcoming functional skills exams.

Diving head first into poems from William Blake and Shelley Percy has shown staff that the group are not ‘ad-verse’ to hard work.

Excitement filled the classroom when the group found out that KFC would be helping them to complete work using fractions. However, the class detected ‘fowl’ play when they found out that KFC stands for Keep Flip and Change (a method used when dividing)!

The group also welcomed Mark to KS4. Mark will be supporting the group and helping them prepare for their GCSEs.

It's all happening in PE!


Since the start of the new term, the pupils at JNA have been focusing on health and fitness and how we look after both our physical and mental well-being.

Key Stage 4 have been making community links by visiting local gyms and working hard to improve their overall fitness. Alongside the physical training they have also been learning about anatomy and physiology to further understand the human body. This knowledge will support them in completing their GCSE.

Key Stage 3 have been taking part in a wide range of fitness sessions and have thoroughly enjoyed the boxing fitness classes. They understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how physical activity can help them feel better, be more productive and learn more in class by firing up the brain.

All pupils are very motivated to get fit and take part in some of our upcoming sports fixtures so watch this space!

Fantastic Fundraising by Group 6

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Group 6 wanted to get involved in the school’s fundraising efforts to buy a defibrillator, which will both benefit the school and the local community. The group worked really well together to discuss different options of how they could raise some money and also involve the local community.  After lots of suggestions they decided to hold a raffle and quickly got to work to get it all organised.

The group wrote formal letters and hand delivered them to businesses in the villages around the school: mainly Kirkburton, Skelmanthorpe, Denby Dale and Scissett. They also posted some out to other places around Huddersfield. The children have been overwhelmed by the generous donations and are extremely excited about the upcoming raffle draw.

 Have a look at the amazing prizes on offer: 

  • Signed Huddersfield Town football

  • 2 x match tickets to see Huddersfield Giants play next season

  • £20 voucher for Little Fee  (Scissett)

  • Blacker Hall Farm hamper and voucher(Wakefield)

  • 2 X Full English Breakfast voucher for Mustangs (Scissett)

  • Back, Neck & Shoulder massage voucher - Koko (Kirkburton)

  • Prosecco and Ferrero Roche - Tesco (Scissett)

  • Lindor Chocolates - Tesco (Marsh)

  • Lady’s Scarf - Almond (Kirkburton)

  • Lady’s Scarf - Thinking of You (Scissett)

  • Gel nail voucher - The Nail Studio (Lindley)

  • Lady’s Hamper - Almond (Kirkburton) and The Shoe Box (Skelmanthorpe)

  • Chicken voucher - Gawthorpe Butchers (Denby Dale)

  • Scented candle - The Hardware Shop (Kirkburton)

  • Rug - Holmfirth Carpets

  • £5 Lindley Fine Wine voucher

The group then made some raffle tickets and posters to advertise the event. They are promoting sales to pupils, families and staff at Joseph Norton. The draw will take place on Friday 8th February. If you would like to buy a ticket please contact the school office.

Good luck !

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Group 5 Going Back in Time to World War I


Group Five have been concentrating on the First World War this week. We have used it as inspiration to read and create some creative pieces, including poems and letters. It was useful to learn about the different creative techniques that could be used and it was good to include them in our work. We have also listened to music of the period and even created our own to match a silent movie. As we learnt more about trench life, we created our own trench model and we imagined what it would be like to be in the war (listening to sounds from the war while pretending to be in the trench).

We have also enjoyed climbing and cooking: but not at the same time! There have been many new games this week too: Ghost Blitz, Gobblet, Retsami, and Banangrams. All of these have helped us play alongside each other and developed our social skills. 

We were sad at the loss of Goldie the chicken on the farm and so we made a memorial for her which now has pride of place on her old coup.

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JNA Pastoral Update

The Pastoral Team have had a busy start to the new year.

This year, to strengthen our home-school relationship with our families, the Pastoral Leads from KS2 and KS3 have started delivering interventions in the home environment. This allows for improved communication and an opportunity to share best practice (both at home and in school). Ben has been working with families of students from KS3, building relationships between home and school and Callum has been working with families of students from KS2.


The interventions carried out by Ben and Callum are helping to improve communication between home and school and supporting parents to gain additional strategies that help their children. The interventions have included whole family baking, Lego based therapy and gaming (although Callum needs to get some practice at Fifa 19).

We are also very proud to say Callum was chosen to represent JNA with a visit to Parliament earlier this week. This is what he has to say about his visit:

This week I was very lucky to be invited down to Westminster in London. The government are currently completing a review of SEND systems, and they are collating evidence from families and education professionals on how successful changes have been in supporting children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). I had the amazing opportunity of being able to represent support staff across the country and deliver evidence to the Education Committee in the Houses of Parliament - I hope I represented some of your own views.

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Goodbye 2018!

We’re listening to Christmas music as we write our last blog entry for 2018. It has been a fantastic week but we are now all ready for a good rest.

We started the week with a visit from Kirklees Musica who wowed pupils from across the school with their pop music recital. Their repertoire included classics from different eras of pop culture - from the Beatles to present day - and it definitely inspired some of our pupils who could be the pop stars of the future!

On Thursday we were blown away by the amazing pupils from KS2 who performed as part of our first Joseph Norton’s Got Talent! Routines included elements of dance, comedy, gymnastics and beat-boxing. The boys really were fantastic and the judges had a hard time choosing a winner. In the end of the trophy was shared between Oscar and Lewis for their moving and original performances. Thanks goes to all the staff who have supported the boys to develop and practice their routines in our after-school clubs.

Today pupils from different groups are working with Stephen in the kitchen putting the final touches to our whole school, home-cooked Christmas dinner.

We wish everyone a very happy Christmas and we look forward to seeing you on Monday 7th January.

Christmas Jumpers for Save the Children

We love Christmas and kicked off our celebrations this week with the Friends of JNA coffee afternoon and Christmas jumper day!

This year Friends of JNA held their coffee event at St. Augustine's Church where they welcomed parents and carers with mulled wine and festive cakes. The group completed a Christmas quiz and everyone won the bingo!!! Thanks goes to Revd Sarah Farrimond for use of the space, Joy for helping to organise the event and Sarah Trickett for the hours she spent knitting in advance. There was a fantastic raffle and we are grateful to Vision for Education for their help with the prizes. Congratulations to Kerry who won the Kindle Fire!

Today we paid £1 each to wear our Christmas jumpers and raise money for Save the Children. We enjoy supporting Save the Children because of the important work their do changing lives. This year we read about their Reading Revolution, which helps children learn to read. We got a very kind thank you for our donations from Father Christmas, which you can watch here.

Light Up The Woods

What can we say? What an amazingly magical evening. All the displays looked absolutely fantastic and were much admired by hundreds of people on the afternoon/evening. This year’s event has been deemed a great success by all involved. There were about 20 different groups and individual displays, singing, refreshments, a hot air balloon, fire display. glow-sticks and perfect weather!

The Made In Clayton West team sent their thanks to the pupils and staff for their hard work in preparing the amazing creations. Additional photos have been added to ‘Made in Clayton West’ & ‘light up the woods’ Facebook pages.