We are group four and over the past weeks we have been very busy!  As we were all in different classes last year we have developed our whole teamwork skills both in the classroom and on the sports field.

We have enjoyed meeting new staff that have helped us with our cooking skills and on the farm.  These have become a favourite lesson and given us some career ideas for our futures!

We also have a new teacher called Tom who has enjoyed meeting us and getting to know us.  We have some lively competition during our SULP time in the morning and are all keen to win!

Our maths skills are growing and we have some great mathematicians in our class.  We have enjoyed maths games and often find lots more solutions to the problems than we thought we could.

To investigate identities we made our own guess who characters and played each other.  It was fun to guess who, but even more fun to draw caricatures of each other.

This week we carried out a film review.  We have our sights set on becoming film critics.....watch out Claudia Winkleman and Johnathan Ross.

Outdoor education has become a fantastic end to our busy weeks.  We enjoyed our time on the peddle boats, even though some pirate tactics were used to win our big race!

We are looking forward to a busy week before the holidays and our chance to wear our Magic and Mystery costumes.