This week in class we have been concentrating on our topic the 'Frozen Kingdom'.

We have looked at the adventures of explorer Ernest Shackleton.  He was a hero because he made sure he brought all his team back from the Antarctic 101 years ago.

We have also been busy also discovering the differences between the Arctic and the Antarctic.  Did you know that penguins and polar bears live in totally opposite sides of the world?  Or that the Antarctic is land but the Arctic is just icebergs and snow?

Daniel and Lewis have also completed some fantastic homework.  Daniel researched Shackleton and then gave a talk to his classmates with the information he found and Lewis completed two science experiments and timed how long it took a glove full of ice to melt (6 hours!).  Well done to both boys.

Just for fun:

Q: What's a penguins favourite relative?                      A: Aunt Arctica!

Q: What do penguins eat for lunch?                             A: Ice-burgers!

Q: What do you call a penguin in the desert?              A: Lost!

We have also made bird feeders for the farm as it is hard for them to find food when it is icy.  We used lard and bird food and then left them to set attached to string and placed in the garden.

Class 1BS