It's been another busy half term in 1AP!  We have been on adventures to the Polar regions and finding out about the voyage of the 'Titanic' in our topic work which has brought up all kinds of questions that we have found the answers to. We have looked at how animals have adapted to live in different environments and written interesting sentences about our favourite ones.

In science we have investigated how an iceberg is mostly hidden underwater and finding out how quickly ice melts in different temperatures.

For our maths we have been looking at shapes, making models and playing the Battleships game using co-ordinates.  It is a long game to play but we persevered and sunk each other's boats.

We love working on the farm and have been developing our skills doing all kinds of jobs, sawing logs to dry ready for fires and the goats are used to us now and we enjoy taking them for walks around school.

Now we are making our classroom look festive with Christmas decorations and are looking forward to our Christmas lunch next week!