What better way to celebrate the festive period than to all work together to create something special, and what could be more special than a scrumptious Christmas dinner with all the trimmings!?

During the last week of term pupils from across the whole school worked tirelessly to make the Christmas dinner a success. Children from Key Stage 2 were given the very important task of making the cranberry sauce and the result was spectacular; a delicious and sweet accompaniment to the roast turkey!

Key Stage 3 had the trimmings to prepare. Combining fresh sage, onion, egg and breadcrumbs they produced some of the tastiest stuffing I have ever had the pleasure to eat. Throughout the week children could also be found carefully and delicately rolling the sausages snugly into their blankets. Producing in the process the pièce de résistance of any festive fare, the pigs in blankets.

On the eve of the ‘big day’ preparation was of the utmost importance. Peeling, chopping and washing, however boring these task may seem without the children who helped the dinner would not have even got off the ground. One child counted 216 potatoes, but had to be stopped short when he began counting the peas.

Show time. With help from members of staff and the pressure of the big day in the air the children in the kitchen looked calm and composed. Boiling the veg, roasting the potatoes, topping up the trimmings, not crumbling under the pressure of making the crumble, portioning the desserts and even having a brief sing song. Forgive the cliché but blood sweat and tears were shed in the kitchen on that day and we emerged triumphant! All the children from day one who helped make the Christmas dinner a success deserve a special thanks. Everyone said they really enjoyed the dinner and as you can see here only by all working together was all of this possible. 

Merry Christmas!

Stephen (Instructor - Hospitality and Catering)