Our return to school after the summer holiday was not what we expected: not only did we have some new teachers and new pupils but a new name, a new uniform and a new farm!

We are still the same class though so that’s ok.

In the first week, Rob the Farm Manager showed us around the new area and we planted grass seed and got to cuddle Flossie the rabbit who was standing in for the school rabbits. We have 3 Pygmy goats but only one has a name and that’s Gordon who bosses his brothers around.

We liked the farm so much that all of us have chosen to stay after school for Enrichment on Farm option and this week in our lesson we were able to hold the new chickens.  Rob even has a night camera that tracks the resident fox in the grounds but don’t worry it can’t eat the animals as they are safe in their pens.

Our topic this term is Muck, Mess and Mixtures! We have looked at some of Roald Dahl’s books in guided reading. He always has mixtures and recipes in his books (it was also his birthday)  but we don’t think we would have liked his cooking too much  as he did experiment a lot in his books with worms and things! It’s fun to copy him though and make our own mess!!!

We made our own mixture of playdoh- very sticky but added vanilla essence so it smelt nice and made cakes in the cookery room with Stephen.

As a beginning to the school year it’s been good so far….