Hello! We are glad to be back at school and are enjoying our new classroom! Over the summer break we were lucky enough to have our corridor revamped and a new breakout space with a small group work room made for us.  We have made great use of this new space to spread out and learn in different ways. We have hit the ground running after our transition last year and have really got stuck into our English work. We are all focusing on our presentation skills and challenging ourselves to broaden our vocabulary in all our written work. We are all happy with our efforts and are proud of how we are developing our skills. In maths we have learnt new ways of working and learnt skills that will help us in day to day life such as rounding large numbers and measurement skills. Science is always a favourite especially when we can complete practicals. Last week we investigated states of matter in the kitchen, who knew science can taste so good! This week we were all exited to receive an iPad each! We have made good use of these already and have used them to be quizzed on our learning, play interactive learning games and record our learning. We have also opened the group 4 restoration workshop. We work together to restore items back into something useful. We have recently completed a scooter restoration and have started bike restorations this week.

We are growing well as a group and are pleased to have good friends both old and new in our class. We are also keen to work well with others outside our group and have used fantastic Friday time to host games competitions! This week we are holding the first UNO world/ school championships! Spirits are high and we are using skills learnt in maths such as ratio and probability to give group 4 a winning edge! We are looking forward to forming a class rock band next week and bring lots of music into our lessons!

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