We love receiving feedback when people spot us out and about.  Please find below a lovely email we received recently regarding Josh in year 8.  Well done, Josh!  We are very proud of you.

Hi there, I’m sending this email to let you know about a really positive experience I had when I bumped into some people from your school.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Huddersfield shopping with a friend. We were in the butchers when a young lad walked in and waited really patiently to be served. He asked if he could buy a pheasant and was so well mannered when asking the butcher questions about it. I then asked the boy questions about what he was going to do with it, and he told us how he would butcher it himself and then cook something with it. He was really lovely to talk to! I could see a couple of other boys of a similar age waiting just outside with two adults. I recognised the logo on their tops. When the boy left the shop, the other customers and the staff were talking about how impressive the boy's passion was. The younger member of staff was told to watch out or his job could be taken!!

I think it’s fantastic that the young people are being given the opportunity and are being encouraged to build on the skills they are passionate about or naturally gifted in. The boys and staff I met, are a credit to the school and you should be extremely proud of the great work you are doing, taking the time and making the effort to look for, and draw out the gold in these young people!!

Kind regards, Charlene