Over the last week, each group from Key Stage 3 & 4 has worked their socks off in the school kitchen. This was no simple task. Catering for up to 46 pupils each group has prepared a delicious, fresh meal of their choice that were all well received throughout the school.

Group 6 had the daunting task of been the first group to cook for the whole school. On Friday 10th they looked calm and composed and the difficult task ahead did not shake their confidence. Two hours passed like two minutes and with 10 minutes to spare they had worked well as a team to produce a traditional lasagne with garlic bread and salad. This was enjoyed by all pupils and even staff had the pleasure of trying some of the spare portions. Mr Lockwood the school caretaker had the following to say about the lasagne; “One of the best lasagnes I have ever eaten! And it was lovely and warm”.

Group 5 kicked off the following week in great style, with reduced numbers they still managed to plate up on time and the Chicken Tikka Masala was enjoyed by all; with the exception of a few of our younger pupils who found the curry a little on the hot side! But this made it all the more enjoyable for the older pupils who can regularly be seen sneaking extra chili powder into meals.

Group 3; the youngest group to don the aprons, had one of the hardest challenges. Their Toad in the Hole was the most popular dish and was ordered by 42 pupils. Served with mash and peas, this went down an absolute storm at lunch time. No leftovers could be found in any of the classrooms and this was a firm favourite with the key stage 2 pupils.

Group 4 took on a classic Italian dish in the form of spaghetti Bolognese. Despite cooking what seemed like a million strands of spaghetti, once again this went out on time and we even trialled a delivery service rather than having groups collect their meals from the kitchen. This added service element was greatly appreciated and a very nice touch, not to mention the dish was again very tasty and hot!

Group 8 are familiar with the school kitchen and have previously cooked Christmas dinner & Lasagne for the whole school. On this occasion they were tackling Burgers. With reduced numbers and reduced time, once again all pupils worked hard and the burgers were enjoyed by all.

Overall the week has been a huge success with pupils from all groups working hard and as a team to produce some great tasty dinners. We are already looking forward and planning for the next time!