Dear parents and carers,

Welcome to 2017-2018!
It has been great to welcome so many smiling faces back to school this week.  Attendance so far has been fantastic and we hope to break our attendance record again this year!  

While our pupils have been away, there has been lots of exciting work happening at school.  We have decorated three different areas, built a new carpark and have converted an under-used part of the building into a new Therapy Centre.  The centre will offer pupils the opportunity to access play, sport and art therapy as part of their personalised timetables.  If you or your friends or family have any unwanted toys that could be used here at school, please send them in or let us know so we can some and collect them.


As we increase the services we offer, we find we have less and less space for onsite meetings.  For this reason, we are now renting additional premises at Nortonthorpe Mills.  This space is a 10 minute walk from the school – or two minutes in a car.  All annual review and parents meetings will take place at this new address.  You can find a map of the venue in the Parent/Carer Zone.

Please be aware that our meeting rooms are on the first floor of this building and there is no lift.  If you are unable to use the stairs, please make us aware so we can make alternative arrangements.

We are excited to introduce new members of staff to our growing team.  New teachers include Karen and Michelle who are working with groups 3a and 3b.  New pastoral leaders include Bradie at KS2 and Michael who is supporting Darryl with KS3. 

Group staff will be in touch over the coming weeks to update Self-Regulation Plans and share information about timetables etc.  Please remember that pupils should be in full uniform including black trainers or shoes.  We ask that pupils do not bring mobile phones to school.  However, if they do, they must hand them in at the school gate.   

Please remember to inform group staff of any important changes that have taken place over the summer.  It is important, for example, that we have up-to-date information about your address, contact details and your child’s medication. 

Dates for this year area as follows can be found under School Information.

Important dates for this half term include the following:

  • Parent Coffee Morning - Friday 15th September
  • INSET day - Friday 29th September
  • Fancy Dress: Magic and Mystery -  Friday 20th October

Message from our Chair of Governors

Dear parents

The governors of Joseph Norton Academy send a warm welcome to parents, families and young people at the start of the new school year.  I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about what the governors actually do and who they are.

The governors are responsible for making sure that the school helps every young person to make the best possible progress in line with the school vision and values.  The governors meet every half term to find out from the Head and her team of staff how well the school is doing.  We ask questions about everything - events, activities, exam results, behaviour…..  We check how the school budget is being spent and how all the teaching and learning is progressing.  We find out about all the successes and help to plan any improvements needed.  Notes are kept of all our meetings and copies are available from the school.

There are up to 12 governors dedicated to Joseph Norton Academy.  They include the Head and two members of staff as well as local people with an interest in education, who are appointed by the Wellspring Trust.  There are two places reserved for parents.  At the moment, there is a vacancy for a parent governor and the governors would like to encourage any parent to seriously think about becoming a governor.  If you are interested, then Sarah can give you details.  There is also more information about the governors on the Joseph Norton Academy website.


The governors look forward to meeting you at school events.

Warwick Firmin, Chair of governors

Finally, we'd like to extend a huge well done and thank you to Stephen, our hospitality and catering instructor, and the boys who helped to organised our first home-grown, home-cooked school dinners last week. We are extremely proud that our pupils are now in charge of our school farm and our school kitchen and are working together to grow, plan, prepare, cook and serve their own meals. This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone and the food tastes amazing!  

We look forward to seeing you soon.