Group 3A have had an amazing start to 2018 in their first week back at school. We have all been sharing what we have been up to over Christmas and we have been thinking about goals for 2018, working together using chatterboxes.

We have jumped straight into working on our new topic, Asia. We have thought about what Asian animals need to survive and have had fun making models of habitats for snakes, elephants, and rhinos to name a few. We showed just how creative we can be


On a similar note, as part of our SEMH curriculum, we have also been thinking about what we, as people need to survive and thrive.  We had a great discussion about things that we need, e.g. food, water and shelter, and things that we want, e.g. computers, phones and designer clothes, and how sometimes there is a conflict between what we want and actually need.


In outdoor education this week we all enjoyed archery and low ropes. We had a great day and our aim improved as the day went on. We are looking forward to going climbing and bouldering next week.

A huge congratulations goes to Dominic. He has given us a reason to celebrate this week as he is the first person in school to achieve 4500 WOW points! An amazing achievement. Well done, Dominic. He has been presented with a certificate and an Avengers themed prize of his choosing to recognise this.

Indeed, all of our boys have had a great start to the new year. They have come back to school being friendly, helpful and cooperative. Keep it up boys!