As you will know, we are very proud of our approach to behaviour and our use of restorative practice.  Over the last few years, our restorative approach has helped us to dramatically reduce our use of exclusions with only 6 incidents of exclusion last year and none so far in 2017-2018!  

Restorative practice helps our pupils reflect on and take responsibility for their actions, rebuild relationships when they break down and make amends for harm caused.  Indeed, it has a very important role in daily school life.

In December, our work in this area was featured in the Guardian newspaper.  In the article Chris Straker from the Restorative Justice Council describes how restorative practice can be used to foster good relationships and resolve conflicts in a way that enhances insight and understanding in pupils and shapes better future behaviour. You can access the article in full by clicking here.

More importantly, the Restorative Practice Council has recently released three three short films to promote the use of restorative practice in schools and one of these films features our very own Jaheim - a school leader in year 11!

We are very proud of Jaheim, who has improved his own behaviour through the use of restorative practice and is now supporting other pupils to do the same.  You can watch the video below: