As much as we rave about all the brilliant work our children do within school, we must not forget our wonderful parents! This week marked the second session of our latest Family Thrive course.

We have 8 parents who have joined us to learn about the Thrive Approach and how we use it with the children in school. The course teaches us about brain development and how children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties need extra support to build solid connections in their brain. 

One of our parents already completed the course last year but has kindly volunteered to attend as a parent champion to share her experiences and support other parents. 

So far we have learnt about different stages of development and some strategies that staff use in school to support children to move through these stages. We have also started to discuss what school staff do to support pupil's when they are in crisis and also how we start to promote self regulation. Parents are evaluating ways that we can work more closely together to ensure the greatest consistency between school and home. 


This is not your typical parenting course where we teach about boundaries and rewards charts, but instead we are looking at the children's SEN needs and starting to understand why they behave in certain ways and what we can do as trusted adults to support their development.

In this photo, parents are mapping out their family tree. Our parents are inspirational and it is great to have the opportunity to share some of our work in school with them each week!"