Ethel Barge

We can't believe that the spring term is here already and just how much we have covered since January. We have been busy learning about science, nature and most importantly ourselves.

A firm favourite was our trip to the Eureka science museum. Having the freedom to move around the space and explore was a great opportunity. Using the riddles in the museum bank to find jewels and gold was great fun and helped us build on our team skills.

In science we have written about space, space travel and how we would survive on missions to far off planets. To really inspire our writing we have made real rocket engines in class. Using vaporising fuel to make miniature rocket engines, we learnt how huge rockets are propelled into the air.

Learning about ourselves is very important to us in group 4. To open our minds to new ways of learning and how we can support ourselves and others we have adopted a growth mind-set. We are changing the way we look upon challenge and finding ways to tackle our reservations and become the best learners and classmates we can be. Please ask us about this as we are keen for others to try this too.

With our growth mind-sets and ambition to succeed we visited the Victoria quays in Sheffield. We explored ways of working well with others and travelled down the canal on a huge barge. We were able to learn about how barges operate, help travel safely through the water and even steer the barge!

We are looking forward to the warmer weather and are planning new adventures together as a class.