Year 6

We are endlessly proud of all our year 6 pupils here at Joseph Norton and how far they have come on their JNA journey, whether they sat their SATs tests this week or not. Their commitment and effort throughout key stage two has been fantastic and their progress is visible every day. They have grown into wonderful young boys and are nearly ready to make their journey through the gate to KS3.


After weeks of preparation some of our boys completed their SATs tests this week with such concentration and determination. Each day the boys walked into the exams on time and eager to get started with a smile on their face. They completed all the papers and didn't moan one bit! We couldn't have asked for more from them. 

As a well deserved reward they visited Dearne Lea Farm where they had an ice-cream. 3 scoops each as promised! They even checked to see where their ice-cream came from.

A wonderful year and an exceptional week!