Group 5 have been hard at work this term. We have traveled to York to learn about the history of the area and enjoyed watching Mr Wardle having a medieval operation! We have also been experiencing exciting sports outside of school such as bowling, foot-tennis and biking.

We've enjoyed preparing food for the school lunches (as well as eating them) and sharing smoothies that we have made. Some of us were able to come to Open Farm Sunday and loved showing members of the public our school.

We spent a morning at Greenhead park, experimenting with photography and looking at the different styles of graffiti art we could find. We learnt about composition and how to use framing, the rule of thirds, and focus. 

In our core subjects we have been concentrating on fractions, decimals and percentages and have been able to use our previous learning of algebra to answer GCSE level questions. We really liked reaching that goal and achieving more than we thought. We also looked at the different techniques used to put rap lyrics together and linked this with our previous knowledge of poetry. For our science work we have been looking at the transfer of power from power stations to homes and linked this to home budgeting, supply and demand affecting prices and renewable energies.

There have been many discussions this half term including: A.I. a threat to humans; diversity in the U.K; digital games as part of the Olympics; online safety; and many more. We are getting more used to listening to others' points of view and doing so carefully. Also, through the game Chinatown, we have improved our abilities to resolve conflict through negotiation and appropriate compromise. It's been a fun term and we are all looking forward to moving to Key Stage 4 next year.