Group Five have been concentrating on the First World War this week. We have used it as inspiration to read and create some creative pieces, including poems and letters. It was useful to learn about the different creative techniques that could be used and it was good to include them in our work. We have also listened to music of the period and even created our own to match a silent movie. As we learnt more about trench life, we created our own trench model and we imagined what it would be like to be in the war (listening to sounds from the war while pretending to be in the trench).

We have also enjoyed climbing and cooking: but not at the same time! There have been many new games this week too: Ghost Blitz, Gobblet, Retsami, and Banangrams. All of these have helped us play alongside each other and developed our social skills. 

We were sad at the loss of Goldie the chicken on the farm and so we made a memorial for her which now has pride of place on her old coup.

flanders field.PNG