This week has been a busy one in Group 1.  Everyone has worked really well together and team work has been the motto of the week.

In Maths we explored algorithms and coding. We remembered what we had learnt last half term in imperative verbs, points of a compass and geometry and we were able to programme using directional language. We started with a game of ‘Simon says’ as a whole class, and then partnered up to guide each other to a set target. Then, we transferred these skills to an electronic mouse and track.

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In Science our topic was flight. We experimented with different types of paper craft, testing how far they traveled when thrown and which design was the most resilient. We had a quick challenge as a group naming things that flew. The total we got to was 27.

On Friday it was Red Nose Day and Group 1 decided they wanted to raise some funds for ‘Stand Up To Cancer’. Staff were pleased we had chosen to do something ourselves.  Everyone worked hard preparing buns for sale and resources for hand massages. It was a great afternoon and we raised over £30.

It has been a good week and everyone showed great teamwork skills!

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