At Joseph Norton we have Social Use of Language Programme (SULP) time when the children first arrive in school. This gives staff and children the time needed to communicate with each other and prepare for the day ahead. It also gives pupils the opportunity to work on their social and interpersonal skills. We spend time together getting ready for learning and the children are offered breakfast and a friendly face!

In group 2 this week we have been using more physical activity to promote good self-regulation and create a happy, relaxed atmosphere with boys who are prepared for learning. We have had a go at yoga and used the stretches and breathing techniques to support our balance and use our bodies effectively. This has helped us to be focused and be ready for our learning challenges. We have also had a go at karate as Scarlett, our Inclusion Support Worker, is a skilled karate professional! Both of these have supported our mental health and well being.

The children all joined in and were keen to try different poses and techniques. The children have lots of questions and are keen to stretch their bodies and warm up ready for their day!


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