Students in 3A have been increasingly enjoying playing board games and competitive team games over the past couple of weeks. Class favourites at the moment include Monopoly Empire, Cluedo and Uno.

As a class, the students came up with the following reasons why playing these types of games have been good for developing peer relationships:

·         Having fun with friends and taking the time to sit down and communicate whilst doing a fun activity

·         Having a laugh (usually at someone else’s expense!)

·         Developing our memory skills

·         Speeds up our responses just like when playing video games

·         Helps us to be confident when communicating with each other

Scientific research has proven that playing team games also lowers your blood pressure and helps muscles to relax, reduces stress and boosts your immune system and helps children to develop critical thinking skills. Staff have noticed increased participation and confidence in students leading games in breaks and lunchtimes. Modelled first by staff, students now have the confidence and trust to lead activities, which is really positive to see. Here’s to more games fun next term. JNA values :)