In Hospitality & Catering this half-term KS3 have been hard at work on a pizza project. Pupils began by experimenting with different topping combinations to create the perfect pizza. We practiced making our fresh dough from scratch and realised that leaving the dough to prove in the right conditions and for the correct amount of time was key! We also perfected our pizza sauce which was made from scratch and tasted absolutely delicious. Check out our recipe at the bottom of this post.

After tasting and reflecting on our creations we upped the stakes the following week. We provided samples to staff and other pupils around schools and took over 50 orders for our pizzas. One pupil received a whopping 17 orders! That was going to be a real challenge to deliver. After a week break to mentally prepare for ShowTime pupils were ready and raring to go.

The effort and teamwork on display was inspirational. One pupil who did not receive any orders due to an absence in the previous session supported his peers by preparing pizza boxes and organising work spaces efficiently. It was tough, and everyone’s arms were tired from kneading over 10kg of pizza dough but due to some great #perseverance & #cooperation we did it! Feedback from customers was fantastic and most commented that they could not believe how hard the boys must have worked to produce the quantity and quality that they did. We raised over £130 for the school defibrillator by selling the pizzas and everyone cannot wait to try them again.

Pizza boxes.jpg