We have had a very busy and interesting time recently. As the weather has warmed up and the sun has made more of an appearance we have had the opportunity to learn outside the classroom more often. This culminated in our outdoor classroom day where we explored the local area to challenge ourselves with huge maths! We used large flat areas to recreate our maths tasks in chalk and work as teams to answer the questions. We played maths based games including challenging hopscotch addition!

Whilst outside and enjoying the glorious sunshine we have learnt about frogspawn. After initial learning, research and collecting equipment we have successfully kept tadpoles under the strict guidance of one of our group members Kye. Back in the classroom we have focused on the mastery of skills. This half term we have mastered a range of graphs, how to draw them and interpret what they tell us.

In English and topic lessons we have focused on the future and what the future may hold for all of us in terms of buildings, technology and health of the environment. We have explored issues which affect society including discrimination, prejudice and the negative impact of recreational drugs. Our current topic is women warriors. Here we are investigating the role positive female role models have upon our lives, how women have historically shaped the wold we live in and the inspirational females we look up to that will help us meet our full potential. Focusing on careers and the wider wold that is open to use we are visiting the Amazon offices and distribution centre next week, an exciting opportunity to mix careers based learning and finding out where our important WOW prizes come from.

Recently we have set up a group 3B Geocaching page. You can follow the progress of our Geocaches by searching our name, Fablogeo on the Geocache web page. We have hidden our cache in fake slugs, under artificial turf and in fence posts. Let us know if you find one! As it is nearing the end of term, we wish everyone a great end to their current groups and good luck for the transition period and an enjoyable summer break.

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