1AP blog for W/B 26.09.16

What a start to the new school year! We have been getting used to our new group and learning about each other. In our art we have been painting self-portraits and pictures of each other to display in our classroom.

We’ve been mixing all kinds of ingredients to see how they react to each other. We made ‘oobleck’ from cornflour and water. You can punch it and when you pick it up it drips from your fingers. Mixing coke and mentos was great fun and we remembered to do this experiment outside, thankfully, as it made quite a mess!

We are enjoying listening to ‘Georges Marvellous Medicine’ story by Roald Dahl and we have had a try at making our own potions, which caused a bit of a stink! Luckily we didn’t try to taste it.

As well as toasting marshmallows in the woods, meeting our animal friends on the farm and scavenger hunts around the school grounds, it has been a busy few weeks and we are looking forward to learning about different foods from around the world and how to have a healthy diet over the next few weeks.