meet the team

As headteacher, it is my privilege to introduce our team.  Our full-time staff of around 60 is dedicated to ensuring that every pupil at Joseph Norton Academy is able to settle quickly and is well supported to make good progress over time.

Our staff are trained professionals with an excellent array of skills and a shared commitment to the school's vision.  

Key Contacts

If you have any questions or queries about our school, please contact Kate Gaunt or Ruth Radcliffe in the first instance.

Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson, Headteacher

Sarah has overall responsibility for the running of the school with the support of the school's governing body. Together they set the school's strategic direction by analysing current needs and planning for the future. Sarah is a member of the Department for Education's Headteacher Reference Group and gives advice on the potential impact of new policies on secondary and special education.


Laura Flynn

Laura Flynn, Deputy Headteacher

Laura is responsible for the leadership of school improvement, this includes the leadership and development of our curriculum and teaching pedagogy. Laura also supports the development of our staff team, organising training opportunities based on the needs of the school, the needs of our children and the aspirations of individuals.


Kate Gaunt, Pastoral Manager KS2 / KS3 (DSL)

Kate is one of our school's Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL).  Kate will often be the first person you will meet at our school and her team members will be your first contacts if you have any questions or queries. Kate supports the families of children in key stage 2 and 3 and plays a key role in our community hub.

Darryl Jones

Darryl Jones, Pastoral Manager KS4 (DSL)

Darryl is also one of our school's Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL). He works closely with parents, carers and other agencies to ensure that pupils in key stage 4 are well supported and ready and able to transition to post 16 education, employment or training. 


Ryan Gladwin

Ryan Gladwin, Assistant Headteacher

Ryan has overall responsibility for the leadership of behaviour for learning at our school, this includes antibullying. He also oversees the school's timetable including our vocational curriculum and monitors pupil progress in key stage 3. Ryan is a qualified PE teacher and works with the pupils who have chosen this as their GCSE option. Ryan is a Specialist Leader of Education.


Lydia Harrison

Lydia Harrison, Assistant Headteacher

Lydia has overall responsibility for the leadership of progress and achievement. She helps the teaching team track and monitor pupil progress and analyses data that informs school development. Lydia is a qualified science teacher and also key stage 4 phase leader with oversight of our careers provision. Lydia also leads the induction for new members of staff.  She supports them through their probationary period and helps them settle into school.


Ruth Radcliffe

Ruth Radcliffe, Operations and Partnership Manager

Ruth's role is integral to the smooth running of the school.  She is responsible for the leadership of human and physical resources and oversees areas such as health and safety, first aid and recruitment. Ruth is also responsible for overseeing the management of the school's finances.  This includes helping to set and monitor the school's budget.  Ruth also supports with school uniform, school transport and income generation.

Tom Oates, SENCO and Designated Teacher

Tom is the school's Special Educational Needs Coordinator and takes a leading role in ensuring the school meets its statutory requirements with respect to the Code of Practice for SEND. Tom works closely with parents and carers to ensure that their views are taken into consideration. Tom is also the school's Designated Teacher for Children who are Looked After and is a Specialist Leader of Education.