As a new academy, we are yet to be inspected; however, the most recent  OFSTED report for Nortonthorpe Hall School can be accessed by clicking by clicking here.

The report notes how, 'Pupils join Nortonthorpe Hall School after varying periods of disrupted learning to their education, which means that the large majority of pupils arrive with attainment which is low compared with national expectations. The school provides nurture groups which help boys build their self-esteem and confidence. The care and support they are given help them to settle quickly and most begin to make rapid strides in their learning. 

The school has been particularly successful in ensuring that the large number of pupils who are disadvantaged in some way, including those who are eligible for the pupil premium, are able to achieve as well as the others by providing one-to-one support for pupils who are experiencing difficulties. Pupils are now well prepared for leaving school. The success rate in examination awards has increased year on year and all of last year’s leavers went on to college placements to continue their education' (OFSTED 2013).

A copy of the Nortonthorpe Hall School's most recent monitoring inspection can be opened here.

Parent View can be accessed here.

Performance Data

As a special school, the focus of our teaching and learning is preparing pupils for adulthood and equipping them for life in 21st Century Britain.  However, when they are ready and able our pupils take SATs, GCSEs and a host of other qualifications and certificates.

The school’s performance data can be accessed here.

KS2 (end of primary school) results

While last year’s SATs were challenging for our year 6 pupils, we are extremely proud of the efforts pupils made and their individual achievements.  The pupils reported their achievements as follows:

I sat on my own and worked hard.
I only had to leave the room once.
I made it all the way to the end.
I even did some checking!

In KS2 our pupils are working towards the new expected standard in reading, writing and maths.  Our pupils' average score in the reading test was 83.  Our pupils' average score in the maths test was 84.

In school, a fabulous more than half of our year 6 pupils made expected or better than expected progress in reading based on their 2015 starting points.  83.4% made expected or better than expected progress in writing and 83.3% made expected or better than expected progress in maths.

KS4 (end of secondary school) results

We would like to congratulate our 2016 leavers for their individual success in their exams. We are pleased to report that all of our year 11 leavers secured a post-16 destination and they are currently enjoying a host of courses from animal care to sports science. Examples of individual achievements include the following:

Paul achieved 5 GCSEs including English, maths and science as well as an Entry Level certificate in PE and his Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze Award). He is now studying at Kirklees College.
Callum achieved 4 GCSEs including English, maths and science as well as an Entry Level qualification and his Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze Award). 
Anthony achieved 3 GCSEs and 3 Entry Level Qualifications.  He is now enrolled at Leeds City College.

Progress 8 and Attainment 8 are new performance measures that were first introduced in 2015.  Information about how these measure are calculated can be found by clicking here. Our overall Attainment 8 score for 2016 was 4.18. Our overall Progress 8 score for 2016 was -2.93. Last year our pupils did not achieve a a grade C or above in both English and maths and no pupils were entered for the English Baccalaureate,

Full details are available on the School Performance Tables, which are available here.

Further information can be obtained from the school.